Koha Milne

Koha Milne is the owner of Takoha Māori Arts. Koha has been a singer and Kapa Haka performer almost since she was born! She has performed extensively in Kapa Haka from school groups, to adult national competition groups, and on the international stage. Koha is a fluent speaker of te reo Māori and has worked as a youth worker, and as a teacher aide. However, Kapa Haka is her first love. She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Māori Performing Arts, and she has now decided to turn her passion into her day to day work, and help schools who often struggle to find this level of expertise.


Brady Rota

Brady is TaKohas one and only male tutor. Brady has been a lover of Kapa Haka right from a young age aswell. He has performed in Kapa Haka School groups, to adult competitive Kapa Haka groups. Brady has also been training the art of Mau Rakau (Maori weaponry) through Te Whare Tu Taua o Aotearoa.