Koha Milne

Māori (Ngai Tahu/Ngāpuhi) / Samoan / Pākehā

Koha Milne is the owner of Takoha Māori Arts. Koha has been a singer and Kapa Haka performer almost since she was born! She has performed extensively in Kapa Haka from school groups, to adult national competition groups, and on the international stage. Koha is a fluent speaker of te reo Māori and has worked as a youth worker, and as a teacher aide. However, Kapa Haka is her first love. She is in her final year of a Bachelor of Māori Performing Arts, and she has now decided to turn her passion into her day to day work, and help schools who often struggle to find this level of expertise.

See the different sections below to find out more about Koha's experience. 

As a Learner

Koha has been a performer in Kapa Haka groups since primary school. At secondary school she competed in regional competitions right from her first year. She led the Te Whanau o Tupuranga Year 7/8 group to national competitions in 2009 and became the female leader of the Kia Aroha College senior performing group in 2011 (when she was in Year 10). 

In addition to her Kapa Haka skills, Koha has won recognition for her leadership and in Ngā Manu Korero Speech competitions (details in CV)

As a Performer

In addition to her school Kapa Haka experience in primary and secondary competition, Koha has performed in competitive adult groups from the age of 14, performing in the prestigious Te Matatini national competition in 2011 with Te Tai Tonga, and in Te Puu Ao in 2014.

In 2015 Koha was invited to participate in the Edinburgh Fringe Fest in Scotland as part of a seven strong Taki Māori  performance troupe – 5 weeks duration (August) – performing two shows per day.  This involved photo and video shoots and a performance season of 3 weeks in New Zealand prior to leaving for Scotland.  This also included working alongside the Mika Haka Foundation in a variety of public performances.

As a Tutor

Koha's Kapa Haka skill and experience include tutoring the following groups:


  • 2017: Kia Aroha College (50 students Year 7 - 13): ASB Polyfest (Division 1)

  • 2017: Southern Cross Campus (30 students): ASB Polyfest (Division 3)

  • 2016: Kia Aroha College (40 Year 7 and 8 students): Auckland Primary School Kapa Haka Regional competitions in November. 

  • 2016: Kia Aroha College - creating and teaching Maori Performance Art material for students. 

  • 2015: Kia Aroha College - Tutored Kapa Haka with the entire whanau (175 students, Year 7– 13).

  • 2015: Rise Up Academy – Mangere.  Worked as part of the after school programme tutoring Kapa Haka for all students. (10 Weeks)

  • 2015: Co-tutored Kia Aroha College (Division 1) and Baradene College of the Sacred Heart (Division 3) for the ASB Polyfest